Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Great Ending Authors

Hi, All -

Maybe it'd be a good idea to store our list of great ending authors on our blog so we can refer back to it in the future (rather than dredging through backlogged e-mails). I've added Laura's e-mail from yesterday to our list as well as one of my own suggestions. Feel free to comment on this post - or make your own - with stories' whose endings you've enjoyed.

As a poet, I don't read novels or short stories on a very regular basis. Any reading time that's not devoted to my thesis is spent on modern poetry collections. But in the interest of learning the craft of fiction (I feel like you guys must love it for some reason!), I Googled tips for writing short stories and came upon this great article posted last month by faculty at Steton Hill University in Pennsylvania.

Check it out here.

Here's Laura's great ending author input:

Annie Proulx. She is probably best known for the Pulitzer-winning The Shipping News and her story Brokeback Mountain, but as far as endings go, I like her short stories Them Old Cowboy Songs and The Half-Skinned Steer the best. I have them if anyone wants to borrow them. Also, her novel Accordian Crimes is amazing in that she manages to craft a fabulous ending to a story that follows an accordian through a century of the various immigrants who own it. I couldn't put the book down until the end and I was not disappointed. And the ending of Charles D'Ambrosio(Keija's teacher!)'s story The Scheme of Things is terrific and memorable.   

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